Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Little Slice of Hell

A Little Slice of Hell
I've been working on finishing and editing my new novel.  I think the working title above has a good ring to it. The synopsis is also a work in progress, but goes like this. 
Identical twin brothers, eighteen years since being born in war torn Somalia, are reunited at last. One brother, raised in an orphanage was shanghaied by bandits and held captive for ransom along with two BBC reporters. The other brother, raised in America by wealthy adopted parents, rushes to Somalia and tries to blend in so that he might help to rescue his brother. The pirates capture him as well and together they must work together to stay alive long enough to escape. They're  pressed into service to join a rag tag band of modern day pirates. Their target booty, a cruise liner. What they don't know is that onboard is their worst nightmare. A wounded war veteran called Blade and his new bride are honeymooning. The pirates manage to hijack the cruise ship and begin to negotiate a ransom. But fate intervenes, as a rogue wave comes out of nowhere, threatening to capsize the vessel, while Blade sneaks around and picks off the pirates one by one. This is an action packed adventure, and the whole militia team is back from the first novel in the series, End Game, to help rescue Blade, the twins and the rest of the two thousand hostages from Somali pirates and from uncontrollable fits of nature in the most dangerous waters on earth.

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